Anne’s Heavenly Bites Gluten Free Products


We now offer a variety of gluten free products, available at our Gluten Free shop just outside of Ayden, NC as well as on our website.  Our products are produced in A totally Gluten Free building using certified Gluten Free ingredients. We are careful not to cross contaminate the allergens we use.



HARVEST TIME FOODS (ANNE’S HEAVENLY BITES) is a proud participant in the Celiac Sprue Association® (CSA) Recognition Seal Program and displays the CSA Recognition Seal on our packaging. The CSA Recognition Seal represents critical review of our ingredients, manufacturing practices and procedures to provide risk-free choices for our gluten-free customers. Verification testing to show no detectable gluten using the most sensitive tests available and appropriate to the product is required. The CSA Recognition Seal proves our company’s commitment to a quality gluten-free product for celiacs and gluten sensitive individuals.

Holiday Deals!

Christmas is starting early this year! From now until December 7 we will be offering all of our Facebook friends cases of Anne’s meat & vegetables bases and Anne’s “The One” sauce and dressing for super low prices! This offer is for call in… orders only with a MasterCard or Visa. All you have to do is say the code “ADFB” and you are one step closer to saving big on our great products! Check out the limited-time case pricings below:
6 Autographed Anne’s Dumplings ‘N More Cookbooks – $100 – (Save $50)
12 Autographed Anne’s Dumplings ‘N More Cookbooks – $180 – (Save $120)
12 jars of Anne’s Original Chicken Base – $65 – (Save $38)
12 jars of Anne’s Natural Chicken Base – $95 – (Save $37)
12 jars of Anne’s Natural Beef Base – $95 – (Save $37)
12 jars of Anne’s Natural Ham Base – $95 – (Save $37)
Combo Pack: 4 of each Natural Chicken, Beef, and Ham – $95 – (Save $37)
12 jars of Anne’s Made with Organic Chicken Base – $105 – (Save $45)
12 jars of Anne’s Organic Vegetable Base – $65 – (Save $38)
12 bottles of Anne’s “The One” Sauce – $54 – (Save $39)
12 bottles of Anne’s “The One” Dressing – $54 – (Save $39)
Combo Pack: 6 of each Dressing & Sauce – $54 – (Save $39)
*Prices include shipping
Call (888) 291-9097 during weekly business hours and take advantage of this great offer today! For more info on our great products, go to

“WBRO” Gluten Free

CSA Certification

CSA Certification

We are excited to announce that Anne’s Old Fashioned Brands has met the requirements for the Celiac Spruce Association (CSA) Recognition Seal Program.

The CSA is the first program in the US to recognize companies that meet the strictest criteria of “WBRO-free” (Free of wheat, barley, rye, and oats) in products, processing, and packaging.

Our products that are CSA certified are THE ONE Sauce, THE ONE Dressing, and all meat and vegetable bases. These products can be founds in select grocery stores or can be ordered online at


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