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Going Green!

As a responsible manufacturer, Harvest Time Foods, as it grows, seeks to find ways to be a beneficial contributor to the continuance of a viable, safe, and comfortable world environment so that future generations will be able to enjoy the pleasures God has placed here on planet earth for us. Our management has worked diligently the last 14 years to make changes in our company and on the 40 acres where we not only have a workplace environment, but also live and play, which would positively impact our world.

“WBRO” Gluten Free

CSA Certification

CSA Certification

We are excited to announce that Anne’s Old Fashioned Brands has met the requirements for the Celiac Spruce Association (CSA) Recognition Seal Program.

The CSA is the first program in the US to recognize companies that meet the strictest criteria of “WBRO-free” (Free of wheat, barley, rye, and oats) in products, processing, and packaging.

Our products that are CSA certified are THE ONE Sauce, THE ONE Dressing, and all meat and vegetable bases. These products can be founds in select grocery stores or can be ordered online at http://www.annesdumplings.com/modules/cart/shopping.php.