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Are you ready to learn more about Anne’s Dumplings and cooking in general? Great! This blog is designed to educate and entertain readers so you can have as much fun in the kitchen as we do. Here are the different categories of posts that you will find on this page:

  • Smart Cooking with Anne: webisodes of Anne demonstrating how to prepare her famous recipes
  • What’s in our Dumplings?: here you will find out what makes our products so delicious and healthy
  • The Incredible Pastry: You will be amazed at the different things you can do with a box of flat dumplings
  • What’s Anne Cooking Now: here is where you will be the first to know about the new products we are coming up with at Harvest Time Foods.
  • Anne’s Cooking School: is there something about cooking that you just can’t figure out? Tell us about it and we’ll see if Anne can teach everyone how to do it.
  • Others: Don’t worry we will keep you updated about community/church involvement, product shows, news, and about the faces and stories that make up our company.

Every time we post a blog we will let everyone know via Facebook and Twitter, so be sure to “like” or follow us. Videos will be posted to our YouTube page and you can also find out recipes at Links to our websites are in the column to the right.

We look forwards to sharing and chatting with you!