Why Anne’s Dumplings are the Best!

Think all frozen dumplings are the same? Think again! Anne’s Dumplings are the fastest to prepare AND the best tasting pastries on store shelves today. So what makes us the best? First of all, our dumplings are ready to cook straight out of the freezer. With other brands, you have to wait for dumplings to thaw before putting them into the pot. Our secret is the wax sheets that go in between each set of pastry strips. They are easy to separate and make the cooking process so much faster. And you can use the wax paper again for other purposes! 12Oz.Dumplings

Have we mentioned that Anne’s Dumplings taste the best too? We encourage you to go ahead and compare our taste against other brands, but if time and money are short, go ahead and check out our “Annes Dumplings” Facebook page. We have hundreds of loyal fans who have used Anne’s for decades and would never buy anything else! Our dumplings are healthy too, cooked with natural ingredients and has no fat or sodium!

Finally, if you’re not sold yet, we take pride in the practices of our company. We have implemented many energy efficient and environmentally friendly initiatives and keep our facilities in excellent condition. We treat our employees well and have a knowledgeable staff available that is ready to go above and beyond for our customers. We are also quite active in community events and regularly give back to those in need. 

Ready to give us a try? Order a case at or look for us in one of these grocery stores:

The Difference Between Broths and Bases

Have you ever goChicken Base JPEGne down the soup isle and found the section with the broths and meat bases? Did you think to yourself, what is there difference? Or what is a meat base used for? The answer is that there is a HUGE difference between the two in quality, price, and convenience.

The first thing you need to know about a chicken broth is that it has a shelf life of 14 days once opened and you only get a few servings out of a box. In addition to that, you cannot make the broth stronger, but only weaker by adding water.

Bases, on the other hand, are not packaged in liquid form. A jar of Anne’s Chicken Base contains 76 (1 tsp.) servings of real meat, salt, and other natural flavors. All you have to do is spoon a desired amount out and melt it into a boiling pot of water.

So let’s compare the two. Swanson’s Chicken Broth sells at Wal-Mart for $2 and can make 4 (1 cup) servings at 50 cents per serving. Anne’s Chicken Base sells for $6 and can make 76 (1 tsp.) servings at 8 cents per serving. In addition to a better price, Anne’s chicken base lasts longer and is a better way to enhance your meat by using real meat and natural flavors.

Check out our meat and vegetable bases online at or look for them in select grocery stores.